The English Adaptation of the Korean MMO Dekaron



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2Moons is an online role-playing game with a deep story that allows us to take part in the events that take place in their respective territory and interact with its inhabitants, who can be controlled by the computer or by other people.

Before beginning the game, you have to create your character. It may belong to any of the following initial classes: Knight, the strongest in melee, Hunter, the best archer, Magic, best magician; Segnale, the best healer, Bagi warrior, a kind of monk, and the Caller, who specializes in poisons.

As in all games of this type, in 2Moons you can improve your
character by having it go through different adventures either alone or with our group of friends. In these missions, though it is not necessary, it is normal to confront different enemies in epic battles that will bring you equipment and expertise.

2Moons is a MMORPG that is a lot of fun, and has excellent graphics and a community that, while shrinking, remains faithful to the game.
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